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Empowering Equity: Tigerlily Foundation’s Fight Against Breast Cancer Disparities

Tigerlily Foundation is committed to advancing public policy to further our mission to educate, advocate for, empower, and support young women before, during, and after breast cancer. We are striving to make our vision of ending disparities of age, stage, and color in our lifetime a reality through:


We Can HEAL Together:
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Inflation Reduction Act
(IRA) Issues

Policy History
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Advocacy Tools
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Tigerlily Foundation has a 16-year history in the policy landscape. Our goal has always been to advocate for impact by driving policy making to create equity for patients. Patient advocacy leadership has always been key—here within Tigerlily and in guiding public policy. We water the seeds of inspiration and innovation, and working with advocates, advocacy organizations and stakeholders, have created policies and legislation that have changed the lives of millions of people. We are excited to culminate these years of momentum into our Health Equity Advocacy and Leadership (HEAL) Policy Center for Excellence (COE).

Through Tigerlily’s HEAL Policy COE, we plan to further focus this work by educating, empowering, and lifting patient voices to ensure they are amplified, in order to achieve health equity and end disparities. The HEAL Policy COE will focus on systemic changes through policy at the local, state, and federal level to:
  • End barriers to accessing and receiving quality, equitable care for all,
  • Lead innovation through patient-leadership, and
  • Achieve health equity and eliminate disparities in breast cancer.

Through the HEAL Policy COE, we seek to influence policy for these purposes through bi-directional learning, programs, and training to cultivate a center to exchange ideas, activate voices and create lasting change.


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Tigerlily Foundation

Tigerlily Foundation’s mission is to educate, advocate for, empower and support young women before, during and after cancer.

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Tigerlily Foundation
Welcome to part one of this two-part educational series on the importance of mental health throughout your cancer journey. 💕You will be inspired by Michelle Anderson-Benjamin who is the founder of the Fearless Warrior Project and a Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate. Michelle holds a master’s degree and works as a health care professional with certifications as a mental health coach, life coach, grief coach and is a certified death doula.In this series we dive into some difficult topics surrounding mental health and the challenges that surface when navigating cancer. For Michelle life changed when curable was removed from the treatment plan and quality of life became the focus. Michelle is currently enrolled in a clinical trial for Stage IV, triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).Michelle discusses how she maintains a positive mindset and is walking in her purpose. Listen as she provides you with guidance, inspiration and support. You can grow personally when living with cancer, you can be afraid and become fearless. Become empowered, take notes and look at how you can prioritize your mental health, it starts with one foot in front of the other, your path awaits.Host: Maimah Karmo | 17 Year TNBC Breast Cancer Survivor Guest: Michelle Anderson,MHA | Metastatic Breast Cancer Warrior and Advocate| Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate | CEO of The Fearless Warrior Project, LLCSupported by Genentech ... See MoreSee Less
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“So, the initial thought was shock, denial, fear, until I started talking to other advocates.” Listen to the full conversation on BREATHE Tv at with special guest Jazmine Lampkin.Merck, MSD Invents#advocacy #breastcancer #TNBC#sponsored ... See MoreSee Less
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Calling all thrivers! 💕Join us this National Cancer Survivors Month as we celebrate survivorship at the Surviveher x Tigerlily Foundation's event, Thriving Beyond Pink. 🌸 Let's enrich our journey together with informative panels, empowering advocacy conversations and direct engagement with medical experts from MD Anderson Cancer Center. Did we mention complimentary food and door prizes too? Register today & Step into a realm beyond survival! 🥳 Lyndsay Levingston, Maimah Karmo, ... See MoreSee Less
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During this Oncology Nursing Month, we want to express our gratitude to the over 150,000 registered nurses who specialize in oncology care.These compassionate professionals play a vital role in the lives of cancer patients and their families, offering not just medical expertise, but also unwavering support, empathy, and hope throughout their journey. 💕To all the oncology nurses out there, thank you for your unwavering commitment, your kindness, and your invaluable contributions to the fight against cancer. You are true heroes, and your compassion shines bright in the darkest of times. 😇#OncologyNursingMonth #oncology #oncologynursing ... See MoreSee Less
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