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Empowering Equity: Tigerlily Foundation’s Fight Against Breast Cancer Disparities

Tigerlily Foundation is committed to advancing public policy to further our mission to educate, advocate for, empower, and support young women before, during, and after breast cancer. We are striving to make our vision of ending disparities of age, stage, and color in our lifetime a reality through:


We Can HEAL Together: Legislation & Issues

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Tigerlily Foundation has a 16-year history in the policy landscape. Our goal has always been to advocate for impact by driving policy making to create equity for patients. Patient advocacy leadership has always been key—here within Tigerlily and in guiding public policy. We water the seeds of inspiration and innovation, and working with advocates, advocacy organizations and stakeholders, have created policies and legislation that have changed the lives of millions of people. We are excited to culminate these years of momentum into our Health Equity Advocacy and Leadership (HEAL) Policy Center for Excellence (COE).

Through Tigerlily’s HEAL Policy COE, we plan to further focus this work by educating, empowering, and lifting patient voices to ensure they are amplified, in order to achieve health equity and end disparities. The HEAL Policy COE will focus on systemic changes through policy at the local, state, and federal level to:
  • End barriers to accessing and receiving quality, equitable care for all,
  • Lead innovation through patient-leadership, and
  • Achieve health equity and eliminate disparities in breast cancer.

Through the HEAL Policy COE, we seek to influence policy for these purposes through bi-directional learning, programs, and training to cultivate a center to exchange ideas, activate voices and create lasting change.


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A cancer diagnosis came as a complete shock to Melissa. Knowing that breast cancer runs in her family, she’d taken every measure she knew of to reduce her risk of being diagnosed. In addition to having a healthy lifestyle, Melissa did what she knew best – she knew her body enough to know when something was wrong and to see the doctor. Yet, when she did, she was told to come back at 40 years old for a mammogram. So, self-advocacy kicked in. After insisting on getting a mammogram, she got an ultrasound, and was diagnosed with cancer. Melissa’s biggest advice for doctors is that they listen to their patients, so that patients and doctors can work together to understand each other. She is advocating for a future where we no longer have disparities and receive equal care as human beings. Melissa turned all her emotions into advocacy and became a Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate, supporting women that look like her, and bringing hope, change and empowerment to others. Melissa’s advocacy inspires her children and everyone around her to know their bodies, be their best advocates, know when to speak up, to keep working to remove barriers, and to keep moving towards a world without cancer and survival for all. This is Melissa’s legacy. What’s yours? #MyLifeisMyLegacy. Merck, Takeda Oncology, Bayer ... See MoreSee Less
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🌸 Join Tigerlily Foundation and be part of an engaging breakfast event dedicated to raising awareness and fostering support for those affected by Triple Negative Breast Cancer in your community. Together, let's make a difference! 🗓️ Tuesday, December 5th ⏰ 9 - 11am CST 📍 Marriott Rivercenter, Bowie Street, San Antonio, TXRegister now: This event will provide a platform for patients, community leaders, and healthcare professionals to share their stories, insights, and solutions for combating Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Whether you're a patient, caregiver, or someone passionate about making a difference, this event is for you. Join us, and don't forget to bring a friend! 🌸 #triplenegativebreastcancerListening Summit powered by Gilead SciencesMaimah Karmo, Jeanne Regnante, UT Health San Antonio, For the Breast of Us, Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation, Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, Sisters Network Inc., Moffitt Cancer Center ... See MoreSee Less
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Kiana feels that society is conflicted on what women should look like. Women are constantly being given images that tell them what should define self-worth, but Kiana has moved past any of this and owns her body and her worth. When her husband encouraged her to get the lump in her breast checked out due to discomfort that was impacting her job as a chef, Kiana initially thought she was too young for it to be breast cancer. After diagnosis, Kiana felt decisions were being thrown at her, that she was not included in her decision making. One of these decisions was to get breast implants after her breast were removed. It was presented to her in a way that made her feel that because she is young and married, implants would make her look better. Compelled by societal norms of femininity, Kiana endured multiple surgeries, risking her life to meet beauty standards. While Katrina is thankful that she is alive, cancer treatment has left Kiana with neuropathy that can be challenging, impacting her career as a chef. Kiana wants women to know her story so they can decide for themselves what’s best for their individual body, and to make informed decisions about the treatments and option to have reconstruction or to not have reconstruction. No woman should be stigmatized based on whether or not she has breasts, the size or if she has scars. Kiana has learned to love herself as a complete person and this is the only standard she lives by. She wants to empower other women to fully love themselves too. This is Kiana’s legacy. What’s yours? #MyLifeisMyLegacy. Merck, Takeda Oncology, Bayer ... See MoreSee Less
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Tigerlily Foundation’s 17th EmPOWER Ball was an incredible triumph, with over 600 attendees coming together to celebrate individuals who are making a positive impact on health outcomes and promoting health equity for underserved communities. 🌸Eight advocates and healthcare providers were honored:Keisha Stephney, Shonte' C-Drakeford, Kawana Rucker, Tania Small, MD, Robert Winn, MD, Paige More, Dr. Paris Thomas & Lisa Simms Booth -for their incredible efforts in eliminating disparities faced by women with breast cancer.💕We recognized our sponsors - Amgen, Merck, Gilead Sciences, Seagen, Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, and Daiichi Sankyo for their unwavering support in bringing our patient-centered programs to life.Thanks to your generosity - We raised over $500,000 for our programs that support young women - before, during, and after cancer. 🥳The Breasties, Equal Hope, Maimah Karmo, Katrina Marvin Johnson, Catrina Marcell, Kawana Coachk ... See MoreSee Less
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Kathryn got through cancer twice, but when her cancer returned, she was faced with a Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer diagnosis at the age of 37. As a working professional and single mom, it was the love Katheryn had for her daughter Aaliyah that gave her the resilience and strength she needed to push through. Insurance was the biggest challenge that Kathryn faced, having to deal with access issues and approvals for necessary diagnostic tests and treatment. “I feel like the insurance played a big role in why things dragged out so long”. Now, living with metastatic breast cancer, Kathryn’s daughter is not only the light of her life but she is her caregiver. Together they learned how to be more empowered advocates for themselves and others - telling their story and are thriving and striving for better outcomes for cancer patients. This is Kathryn’s legacy. What’s yours? #MyLifeisMyLegacy.Merck, Takeda Oncology, Bayer ... See MoreSee Less
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